Established in 1998, Orascom Industrial Parks founded the first privately-owned industrial park in Egypt. As the leading industrial developer in Egypt, we believe in developing, operating, and maintaining sustainable communities to better serve our clients and the environment.

Today, we are developing an industrial landbank of approximately 12.2 million sqm in Sokhna & Abu Rawash (Giza). Our industrial parks are equipped with an extensive utilities network that provides our clients with all their industrial needs such as infrastructure, power, water, security, firefighting, and much more.

Orascom IP is a subsidiary of Orascom Construction PLC.

Our Story

Letter from the CEO

As I reflect on my tenure as the CEO of Orascom Industrial Parks, it becomes evident that we transcend the traditional concept of a mere business entity – we are a thriving community. This realization is founded upon the pillars of trust, inclusivity, collaboration, and above all, unwavering integrity. Within the tapestry of our organization, our dedicated team harmoniously weaves together to meticulously craft our clients' visions into reality, meticulously attending to even the minutest details.

With each triumph we celebrate, we do not rest on our successes. Rather, we use that achievement as a steppingstone to scale new heights, while steadfastly upholding our cherished values. At the very core of Orascom IP, beats a commitment to embrace ecological consciousness, recognizing that our present actions shape the destiny of generations yet to come. Our central objective remains rooted in the profound transformation of the industrial sector, endowing it with sustainable practices that foster empowerment. By doing so, we cast our role as integral players in a grander narrative of a future that shines brighter and wider for all.

It is our sacred mission to offer unwavering support to our success partners, serving as catalysts on your journey towards success. At Orascom IP, you are not just another entry in our ledger of clients; you are a valued partner, and together, we forge a path of growth and prosperity. In our arsenal of achievements, we are privileged to count among our ranks exceptional shareholders, whose inspiration propels us to consistently surmount our goals. Their enduring support is the very foundation that enables us to expand our horizons year upon year, ascending peaks that once appeared beyond our grasp.

No enterprise is complete without its steadfast foundation – our employees, the bedrock upon which our accomplishments are built. Their tireless dedication forms the cornerstone of our resilience, enabling us to confront and conquer any challenge that comes our way. Fueled by an unwavering commitment to innovation, we remain unwavering in our pursuit of excellence.

This chapter of our narrative spans over two decades, marked by remarkable achievements and triumphs. Yet, our story is far from its final chapter; there exists an expanse of uncharted territory that beckons us to tread further and soar higher. With an unwavering resolve, I am honored to guide this collective towards a future that knows no bounds, where Orascom Industrial Parks shines even more resplendently on the domestic and global scene.

Together, we pen a tale of unceasing growth, unyielding partnership, and unbridled success. The future beckons, and we step forward with unwavering optimism, united in our vision and driven by our indomitable spirit.


Our long-term insights and pioneering instinct and developments lead us to distinction and diversity and optimum resource utilization to realize our investment goals and corporate social responsibility.


To Develop inspiring integrated industrial parks.
To Invest in our people, our know-how, and our reputation.
To Operate sustainable projects for the next generations.

Our Projects

Sokhna Complex 1

New Project

Sokhna Complex 2

Project Features

Industrial lands
Commercial Area
Plug & Play
Business Development
Additional Services

Our Strategic

Board of members

Dr.Ahmed Salem
Dr.Ahmed Salem
Dr.Ahmed Salem
Dr.Ahmed Salem
Dr.Ahmed Salem
Dr.Ahmed Salem


We partnered with our strategic alliances to ensure that our complexes are built on the foundation of sustainability.

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